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AIPod & Health Lounge

The AIPod and Health Lounge are self-service standalone body measurement devices that provide 26 vital readings and a comprehensive health check-up in 6 minutes.


Secured Platform

Bodyo’s platform enhances research and predictive outcomes by aggregating, storing and sharing Real World Data in compliance with stringent data protection regulations.

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Health Assistant

Bodyo favors engagement with health professionals and communities, where incentives and rewards motivate and assist people in their journey for better health.

A 360° Telehealth Concept

Bodyo® encompasses self-measuring capability with intuitive and futuristic stations, as well as state-of-the-art software and mobile applications to bring people their utmost experience all along their health and wellbeing journey.

The AIPod and Health Lounge capture and analyze precise and reliable health data collected from medical grade integrated physiological sensors.

Thanks to its individual and population-based AI data processing, Bodyo® gives relevant guidance for teleconsultations and longitudinal epidemiological reporting and follow-up.

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